Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wedding Cards Project

I created a project for myself making a book of all the cards we received for our wedding. I used my Zutter BIA to make this book. Hobby Lobby only had 3/4'' wires so I had to buy the largest ones available, 1 1/4'' online. 1 1/4'' was still not large enough but it's the largest size so I had to make due. You can see from the 3rd picture that the book doesn't really close. But that's okay. All the cards are in there and they aren't going to fall out. And, I think it's a pretty cute book cover, so I'm happy.


  1. I love it and think it is a great idea! You're sooo creative!

  2. What a fantastic idea! Hmmmmmm....mine are all in a box in my cedar chest!

  3. I love this idea! I may just have to use it!